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Book One in the Birthright Series

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Yuki Naoshi

Yuki Naoshi, The Main Character. A 17 year old Homeless girl who wants nothing more than to live the life of a normal teenager. All but abandoned by her mother, She is haunted by the memory of finding Her Father hanging in his apartment.

Genji Naoshi

The devoted Father of Yuki, She calls him 'Daddy' and shares his devotion, bordering on worship. The black sheep of a Staunchly Traditional Japanese family, he ran away from their wealth and privilege opting to emigrate to the U.S. in his youth. After discovering the infidelities of Mother, a divorce quickly followed; After losing everything he cared about in court, he committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment.

Ronaldo 'Ron' De Marco

A high ranking Police Official in the CPD; Marred by tragedy of his own.


A Local girl to The City, she was born and raised within it's boundaries. Yuki's least favorite of her parents, her name is not worth repeating, and she is only referred to As Mother, found Genji to be an unfit partner she was forced to divorce him and took sole custody of Yuki. After her former husbands suicide, She has remarried to a man she had known for less than 2 days.

Mr. X

an Unknown Player, Well dressed and wearing a Traditional Harlequin Mask in the Italian style. Is he a Benefactor or an enemy; We may never know.

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The City

Home town of Yuki, Mother, and others. An urban sprawl, housing hundreds of thousands of busy people rushing about their daily lives.

Warehouse 131

An Abandoned Warehouse; once used to shuttle and store goods from the Riverfront boats, now it sits empty, unused, and unclaimed. The Sometimes base and occasional sleeping area of Yuki.

Irvine Lake

A few years ago it was the site of a series of Gruesome Murders, And one Suicide. Generally Referred to as "Irvine Lake affair" by the media and Police.